The city of my «real» adolescence. A tough one. I moved to Braga when I went to Sporting de Braga. I ran after a dream and not even the fact that I was in a different city and in a different school made me change the path I had planned to follow.

Me and School

(Português) A minha relação com os livros sempre foi pautada por algum distanciamento. Era bom aluno, mas nunca gostei muito de estudar.


…the land of my childhood and adolescence. The place where i met people that influenced my life’0s path and where i established friendships live until today.

Memoirs with a «ball»

Every time i «press rewind», i can’t forget the fact that I grew with the ball next to me.

Child’s dream

Child’s dream
When i was a child, i dreamed being a Teacher.

My world in Blog

In this space I want to share with you my experiences and my personal side. Relive the past, talk about the present and planning the future. Show who I am and what I really like to do. Here are some paths of my life that I will present in the future here in my blog: [...]